Plato H Jewelry

Plato H jewelry rips the stars, connects you with the heart of mother, brings mother "sweet" accompany.

There is no substitute for time with mom.

Plato H Jewelry | Heart & Love Ring Necklace

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"Home" is not only a place, but also a time with you.

The chain falls on two surrounding hearts, like my heart, embracing your heart, warm and happy.

Plato H Jewelry | Double Hearts Necklace

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The great heart of the pendant contains small heart,

like my mom and me hugging tightly.


Mother's love is the companionship of long love.

Plato H Jewelry | Chains Around Heart Necklace

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I am not only your little cotton-padded jacket, but I will grow into your armor.

Just like a chain around love, always guard my dear mother.

Plato H Jewelry | Heart Arrow Necklace

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When I was a child, you gave me warmth and accompanied me to know this wonderful world.

Now, I will hold your hand too and spend every moment with you.

Also like these two connected hearts, always accompany.

Plato H Jewelry | Water Drops Crystal Necklace

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When I grow up, I will be like you when you was young.

I have a similar appearance and a similar character to you.

You put me on a long journey to seek a wider world.

I will also be better, to support my mother a starry sky.

Mom, from today, let me be with you.
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