In the first half article, I have Shared the related stories of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Now I will continue to share the rest with you.

Tanzanite - you jump, I jump


Remember Rose wore that giant jewel pendant "heart of the sea" on the Titanic? The beauty of Rose and the charm of the gem fascinated Jack. And this gem is the mysterious and precious tanzanite.

 Indeed, tanzanite is worthy of her fame. Her rich blue, violet, indigo, mauve, millet, deep blue and so on were pure and attractive. In recent years, the market demand of tanzanite has been soaring year after year, exceeding all kinds of colored gemstones, the only exception is sapphire. People say that tanzanite is a fashionable gem of the new millennium, and its rarity exceeds that of diamond by a thousand times. Her findings are even more miraculous. In the summer of 1962, a fire broke out on the grasslands of Tanzania. After the fire, people found a kind of deep blue and fascinating stone on the black scorched earth. It turns out that the original stone of tanzanite was born like a phoenix after experiencing the fire and high temperature. The purple and blue flame of tanzanite soon caused a worldwide popular storm and was called the "jewel of the 20th century". In 1998 and 1999, tanzanite topped the list of the world's best-selling colored gemstones, as demand for the gem soared amid growing global appreciation. In 2002 tanzanite was chosen as the birthstone of December (the first change of birthstone list since 1912) and is seen as an ideal stone to celebrate new life or a new beginning.

 Alexander's stone - the magic of life

necklace Swarovski

The beautiful name of "the jade of the tsar" is well known in Russia. The endless variety of colors made her a well-deserved mystic jade. There is a good metaphor for it - "jade by day and vermilion by night". Under the sun, blue and green like the forest; in the candlelight, blue, scarlet, purple, orange, colorful, each show charm, also are alexandrite. It was discovered by a Russian farmer who happened to be the birthday of Czar Alexander, hence the name Alexandrite.

A thousand years of hard to find, unpredictable colors, strong vitality and magic, diamond quality and diamond color, make the alexandrite the "must have" of any jewelry connoisseur. As a member of the noble emerald family, it became the most coveted stone in the world, along with the Tanzanite and the Bonaparte tourmaline.

Because of these two primary colors of alexandrite, Russians also generally believe that wearing an alexandrite can give people creativity and imagination.

Paraiba tourmaline - fun chameleon

Colorful Bracelet

The tourmaline stood out among the precious gems for her gorgeous colors and romantic history. Her more than one hundred colors set her apart from the rest. Tourmaline is the most special gemstones in the world. People named her a "chameleon". Madagascar is home to the tourmaline, in there the tourmaline is the world's most colorful variety, accounting for about half of the world.

Tourmaline symbolizes hope, so it is called the stone of hope. Empress dowager Cixi of the Qing dynasty especially liked the tourmaline. She bought nearly a ton of pink tourmaline during her lifetime. And after her death, she lay on a pillow made of pink tourmaline. The tourmaline is said to evoke love, to make people more emotional, and to attract love messages.

The most precious of the tourmaline is the paraiba tourmaline. She is swimming pool blue or neon peacock or ultramarine. Produced in the area of the MingladaBasaiha of the pala region of Brazil, it is unusually bright, and even a small grain can be brilliant. Her bright and beautiful colors once made her famous in a short time. Her unconventional color beauty has conquered countless gem lovers who have been in the gemstone industry for a long time. Lovers around the world are chasing the new species. Her beauty, like her rarity, was as rare as her beauty.

The Paraiba tourmaline is a new stone, less than 20 years old. When his discoverers were mining, they didn't know exactly what they were looking for. It was only with firm conviction that there was a very different gem buried in the Paraiba hills. After nine years of unremitting efforts, a few high-quality tourmaline crystals have been brought out from one of the many dark pit tunnels. These crystals are swimming pool blue, people have never dreamed of. The discovery has also become one of the mining industry's best-known adventure stories.