Necklace Lengths - How to pick up necklaces according to your clothes?

Create your fashion charm.

These days, there are too many good-looking people and too many people who know how to dress up. Want to dress up not to fall in a convention, temperament also is outstanding, in a boundless huge crowd can be recognized at a glance, that appropriate accessories deserve to act the role of indispensable! Choosing the right necklace will make you look great on different occasions.

Now women's pursuit of accessories is growing. With the development of The Times, people's living standards are also getting higher and higher. Many women not only want to warm themselves up but also make themselves different. The same clothes, with different necklaces, reflect absolutely very different effects.

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Summer, itself is a more easily impetuous season. Around the gorgeous color of summer turns circle, want to prepare for oneself a few relevant and pure and fresh fashionable style, but be in worry about choosing what kind of necklace style! Will simply designed necklaces make your fashion boring? What kind of necklace can show the beautiful side of the princess best?


To choose the necklace that suits you best, you need to know the following points first:

Necklaces are distinguished mainly from three points -- length, shape,  and style.

 1. The length

First of all, show a picture.

necklace lengths

From this picture, we can get a sense of where the necklace goes to the neck by looking at the length data of the necklace.

2. Shape

The reason necklaces have so many choices is that the combination of necklaces and different necklines can produce wonderful chemical reactions.

From the point of the collocation with a garment, the length of the necklace and the neckline should be avoided the overlap. This will make your collocation not clean. Don't leave too much white space which will also make your collocation feel not harmonious. Well in a word, no less or more, just right.

To sum it up in a simple sentence --

high neckline with a long necklace, low neckline with a short necklace

Short neck with a v-shape necklace, not short neck can be optional!

Here are some everyday necklaces collocations to share with you.

necklace length

necklace lengths

necklace length


3. Style 

The style of necklace should be consistent with the style of clothes so that it is not abrupt and has the effect of making the finishing point.

That is - the European and American style clothes with a collocation of European and American style necklaces,

              Japanese and Korean style clothing with a collocation of Japanese and Korean style necklaces,

             Chinese style clothing with a collocation of Chinese style necklaces,

Mixing is not recommended.


I am so moved that you see the end. Here's the last trip to share with you.

If you buy fewer necklaces, buy more expensive necklaces, and buy more versatile necklaces, then it will make your $20 clothes look like $100, as are other accessories.

Also, buy what you really like and be happy by wearing it every day.

Here, we recommend some beautiful and versatile necklaces, helping you create your fashion charm.


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Cute Bear Necklace | Plato H Jewelry

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