Sterling silver S925 series jewelry maintenance can not be ignorant of the three principles.

Sterling silver S925 series jewelry maintenance can not be ignorant of the three principles.---Plato H Jewelry

Sterling silver necklace.

Each S925 decorations are precious memories, a pair of elegant sterling silver rings, represents the happiness between two lovers, a simple animal pendant necklace, represents the girl's youth, always is 18 years old!

If you want to recall the past, it is natural to master the principle of jewelry conservation, to build a line of defense for your beloved baby!

The first line of defense: care carefully.

Sterling silver earring

Everybody knows that silver can be tried poison. Therefore, silver metal has been favored by all people since ancient times.(some people wear silver jewelry more and more brightly. Some people get dark in a few days.)

Sterling silver jewelry should not be exposed to chemicals, detergents, perfumes or saltwater.And part of the decorations are inlaid with diamonds, pearls.Most of the pearls are now freshwater aquaculture.Freshwater cultured pearls can be destroyed by polish.Therefore, please avoid pearl contact with cosmetics, creams, chemicals or cleaners.

Remember to take off your jewelry before going to bed or exercising. The former prevents the jewelry and skin friction while sleeping. The latter avoids the sweat accelerating the sterling silver surface oxidation.

As for the daily maintenance of leather. Natural leather will naturally relax with the increase of time. The color will also be affected by long skin contact or accessories. In ordinary times as long as not touch water or the liquid that may cause discoloration, can let leather maintain natural primary color.

The second line of defense: properly sealed.

Sterling silver earring


The long exposure of the jewelry to the air will change color due to oxidation. When you do not wear jewelry temporarily, please put it in a box to protect lining, packing bags or vacuum package, small plastic sealed bag, avoid contact with sunshine and moist air, and maintain appropriate normal temperature. Note: sterling silver ornaments are not suitable for storage in rubber containers, as this will accelerate the discoloration of sterling silver and make silver products black.

The third line of defense : regular cleaning and maintenance.

Sterling silver necklace

If your sterling silver jewelry is not as shiny as it used to be, it's time to wash it and clean it. Simply add a small amount of neutral detergent to the warm water, dip it in the water with a polished cloth, and then gently wipe it with a polished cloth to restore the original luster immediately.

Teach everyone a little trick, if have no polishing cloth around, feel to buy trouble again, can use old toothbrush + toothpaste a few gently wipe. Toothbrush suitable for cleaning silver jewelry, especially decorative silver jewelry, but not suitable for clean leather, wood beads and pearl jewelry.

If the silver jewelry is stained and stubborn, do not put the jewelry in the warm water for a quarter of an hour, then wipe with polishing cloth, the dirt can be easily removed.

In fact, the surface of the sterling silver jewelry of Plato H was oxidized and processed, so it was relatively difficult to change color. But the protective layer of the oxide label fades over time. To slow down the process, it is recommended to use proper care to properly maintain the jewelry instead of soaking it in a liquid polish. Because it not only can not clean the jewelry, but also destroy the protective effect of the oxide layer, make the jewelry accelerate discoloration.

The above method applies only to sterling silver jewelry. And the jewelry inlaid with pearls is only suitable to be cleaned with a soft brush. Leather, leather cord only suitable for the use of special leather maintenance oil.


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