What was the mood of Rose who threw the heart of the ocean into the sea at the end of "Titanic"?

A classic movie Titanic reminds people of the precious stone, heart of the ocean. Now the film is back, the sapphire trend are coming again.

"Titanic", a 20-year-old film, is back. In the film, leaving people impressive scene, in addition to the spectacular disaster scenes, romantic only beautiful love story, more memorable and heroine Rose when painting a model wearing the blue diamond necklace, "the heart of the ocean".

At the end of "Titanic", what was the mood of Rose who threw the heart of the ocean into the sea?

In fact, Rose learned at least two things when she met Jack. As soon as she thought of it, she had two kinds of eternity. One is the harvest of the eternal love of death; To learn to face life, to find a true, to find a permanent, not to speak of life and death. To start from the water (represent only personal subjective speculation), Jack was supporting the floating plate  in the biting cold water, in order to make Rose alive, and live well, he promised to her to never give up, she will live up to his own life. The film doesn't capture any of Rose's life moments, just show a little bit of it through the words of others and the last few pictures. I think it's just to give the audience space to imagine. We can imagine that she must have been working hard and working hard in the future. It was because of him, as he wished. For the new marriage, to the earthly everything to cherish. But the people have died, only the living know the later life. Without his life, how would she want it most? How could she have been really good without him? If he is here, why should life be so hard? They gave each other the truest, deepest and most beautiful love in their lives. After the sea, what is water? Jack, no more Jack! Life can have many deep feelings, but the most really only that one! That was a real thing for Rose, and couldn't find it again. No matter how hard she tried, she tried her best to live up to her life, and to live up to the world. How could she not miss him at all times, in every joyful, painful moment! Since meeting, it has been decreed that any life not Shared by two people can only be a violation of the violation!And this betrayal is also the most beautiful and the most helpless. When at the age of Rose101, therefore, the university of love languages, which means that she finally completed his charge, she finally no longer need to fulfill the earthly life, she have to do is to fulfill the most true self and that true love! Rose imitated the posture of the year once again in the bow and threw the heart of the ocean into the Atlantic ocean, a rite of passage that was true for both.

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